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Court Of Protection

The Court of Protection deals with many aspects when individuals have lost capacity to manage their own affairs. If you need to manage a relatives finances and or health and welfare and they have lost capacity without putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney an application to the Court of Protection will be required to appoint someone suitable to manage those affairs for them. This can be a long process as the court needs to ensure that the proposed person is best suited to manage the person's affairs for them. There are various legal procedures that need to be followed to satisfy the court. All of this can be dealt with for you by Bashforth-Young.


What you will need at the first appointment

1. Identification- we are required to get ID documents from all of our clients. Photo ID in the form of a passport/ driving licence, and utility bills to confirm the address. Two copies of ID are required.

2. Details of the incapacitated persons GP and brief detail of the assets that they have and their family members. A full detailed appointment will be carried out once we have received confirmation from the GP that the person does lack capacity.

3. The legal fees are payable from the incapacitated persons funds and will be ordered by the Court of Protection. However the cost for the medical report will need to be paid by the person wishing to be appointed the fee for this will vary depending on the GP / Consultant instructed to obtain the report

For further detailed information regarding Court of Protection please contact Lynsey Bashforth on 01977 649922 to arrange an appointment.

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