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Probate / Administration

When somebody dies their estate needs to be finalised by either the executors of the will or the administrators of the estate if they die without leaving a will. When someone dies leaving a will the document that is needed to administer the estate is a Grant of Probate. Where someone dies without a will the document that is needed to administer the estate is Letters of Administration. Both of these documents need to be applied for to the local Probate Registry. At Bashforth –Young we understand that you may be struggling to cope with this complex process at such a difficult time. We can assist you with obtaining the grant/letters of administration and or deal with the estate administration in its entirety for you. All of our work is completed on an hourly rate which will be estimated to you at your first appointment. We would only propose charging a percentage of the estate where the matter is more complex and or we are personally appointed as an executor to the estate.

The Executors/Administrators are under a great deal of legal obligations in order to properly administer the deceased estate. At Bashforth-Young we can ensure that all of the obligations are met and ensure that the estate is dealt with correctly and efficiently.  We would always recommend that lay executors/administrators seek legal advice to ensure that they properly understand the obligations that they are under, as they are personally liable for any mistakes made in the administration.

What do you need to bring to the first appointment?

1. Identification of the executors/administrator- we are required to get ID documents from all of our clients. Photo ID in the form of a passport/ driving licence, and utility bills to confirm the address. Two copies of ID are required.

2. If applicable the original will of the deceased, the death certificate of the deceased detailed information regarding the deceased's assets/liabilities. This would include for example, all bank/ building society accs, life policies, stocks and shares, ISA information, tax information, outstanding utility bills, council tax details, property details deeds if available, the funeral bill etc.

3. Probate work is paid for by the deceased's estate and therefore no funds will be required on account.

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