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Why do you need a will?

Whether you are single, a couple, married or in a civil partnership, divorced, separated, have children or not, have inheritance tax issues or not, wish to protect assets or not, you need a will to ensure that you wishes are carried out on death.

Everybody is an individual with their own financial circumstances and family setup. You need to ensure that you put a Will in place to ensure that what you want to happen on your death is carried out. Whether that be the distribution of your assets or the appointment of guardians for your young children.

It is also vitally important that the advice you seek is the proper advice. You can be assured that Solicitors are regulated and have to work to high quality standards to ensure that they can continue to practice. You should also ensure that the professional you use is a specialist in Private client work and will drafting. You can be assured that Bashforth-Young is a specialist practice working only in the private client area to ensure that all clients receive the best quality service.

What is the process?

You will need to contact us to arrange an appointment to take instruction from you for your will. After the first appointment your will will be drafted based upon your instructions and the advice given. The drafts will be sent to you for you to check the content. Once you have confirmed the wills as drafted you will need a further appointment to deal with the signing of your wills. Once signed your wills will be effective and stored at Bashforth-Young securely until they are required.

What will you need at the first appointment?

1. Identification- we are required to get ID documents from all of our clients. Photo ID in the form of a passport/ driving licence, and utility bills to confirm the address. Two copies of ID are required.

2. A general idea of the assets within your estate and the value of them together with a general idea of what you want to achieve through you will, although we will guide you through all of this.

3. We require the basic cost of your will to be paid on account. You will therefore need to bring this amount with you in cash or cheque to pay to us on the day. Any additional charges that amount from your instructions will be detailed to you on the day and invoiced to you later.

Authorised & Regulated

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Sole Practitioner: Lynsey Bashforth

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